One folder still at top when sorting by name

See screenshot. I have my folders and files sorted by Name but instead, they are being sorted by attribute.

If I click on the Name column, DOpus sorts the folders alphabetically except for the folder with the hidden attribute - it always stays at the top.

If you hover over the padlock, does it give you a hint as to why it's doing this? (Like a particular Folder Format being used.)

Have you set a label on that folder with the "pin to top" setting turned on? Something's also making that folder green, which points to a label assignment.

The colour is just set via right mouse click > set label. I have not made any rules using this function, just set it

I assume you mean the padlock at the bottom - never noticed it before. This is what it shows.

"Other" is not one of the standard labels.

Can you show us the definition of that label in Preferences?

If it has the Pin to top option turned on then that would explain what's happening.

Also, If I click and and click on the padlock - on or off, it does not change the sorting

Hi Leo,
It was the default one that said 'green". I just renamed it.

Looking at the settings, it does indeed have pin to top. I don'r recall, but must have set that when I change

the colour.


One more question please.
Is there any reason why there are no settings here for Hidden files?
No Hidden


Hidden files have ghosted icons already, so there isn't a special color for them.

But you could set up a Label Filter (Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments) which matches anything with the H attribute set, if you wanted them in a special color.

PS: One question per thread, please:

Great, Tx for your help, and still loving your program everyday :slight_smile: