One instance of DOpus

Is there any way to force DOpus to run only one instance?
Couldn't find it anywhere in Prefs.


There is only ever one instance of Opus running, but presumably you mean to only have one Lister window open - in which case, try the Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab option.

Thanks Jon but maybe I am putting it incorrectly.
I have a button Prefs Layoutlist to toggle between 2 layouts.
It works ok but each time it starts a new lister and eventually the task bar fills with Opus entries. Is there a switch to make it used the 1 listed when I change layouts?

Go to the list of layouts in Preferences, select the one you want, then turn on the option to close existing windows when it opens.

Many thanks Leo, perfect

Another thank you, Leo.

I was not aware of Layouts; I do have a couple of Styles set up which works very nicely. I can make use of Layouts in a future Opus build.