/onedrive built-in alias

Hello, Opus is not picking up my OneDrive folder in the built-in alias, I have attached a screenshot.

I think that alias picks up the normal OneDrive folder. The folder in your screenshot is OneDrive For Business, which we may not have a built-in alias for (at least not yet).

Both may be installed and used at once so there could potentially be two aliases.

Of course, you can add your own alias for any folder if there isn't a built-in one for what you want.

Might is be possible to make the path for the /onedrive alias configurable by the user, instead of a built-in alias? You could set the default path to be the personal OneDrive folder (if any), I would certainly use it for that on my home installation, but at work I would rather use it as my OneDrive for Business folder.


I have come across this problem with built in aliai before.
I have come to the conclusion that build in aliai cannot be changed for some good engineering reason under the hood.
Not sure if this is the right forum or if it is my place but might consideration be given to naming all build in aliai with some suffix? e.g. /onedrive_int or similar?
Then the built in aliai can fulfill whatever function they do and users do not come up against them.
I keep on typing /onedrive, forgetting that it does not work and that I have my own /1onedrive.
I will learn...... :slight_smile:

We can't change the names; it'd break everyone's existing buttons.

You can name your own aliases whatever you want. I usually go with short names if I'm using them for quick keyboard navigation. For example, I might use /o to go to OneDrive (if /OneDrive didn't already do what I want or if something else auto-completed before it).

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Also, while you only have ONE personal Onedrive per installed user, you can have SEVERAL "Onedrives for Business" parallel. The machine I am sitting on is logged into three ODs, one personal and two on business accounts. So ID for OfB would need to be not just "Onedrive" anyway but based on specific names.