OneDrive Documents folder under Libraries after OneDrive uninstall

I have a Windows 10 PC and have uninstalled OneDrive. However there is a Documents folder shortcut that shows in the DOPUS view under my Library, Documents folder but this folder is NOT showing in File Explorer. This is confusing and clutters up my Document folder. See attached screenshots.
Please help me get rid of this nuisance.
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File Explorer doesn't show Libraries by default, which is probably why it isn't appearing there.

If you right-click Libraries / Documents (the one with the blue icon, not the yellow icon) and choose Properties, you can see the folders which are part of the library. Most likely the OneDrive folder is still included in the library, and you can remove it from there. It must not have removed the folder when it was uninstalled.

I found the menu and the link, deleted the link, but the folder remained ... until I rebooted the computer. Thanks again Leo - good to know you've got us covered.

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