OneDrive icon and status columns -- should they be in sync?

I've noticed that, in my OneDrive folder, the icons associated with the file (with their onedrive status overlay) are not in sync with the "Status" column in Dopus 12. Are they supposed to be ?

I also am wondering if someone can explain the "Availability" column to me for OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Does it ever show anything besides "Availabile on this device" ? I have files in OneDrive which I've chosen not to sync to my local PC, but they don't show up in Dopus. I figured, with the availability column, that they might appear with a "Available on Server" notation or something like that.

Thanks so much.

What version of Windows are you using? The new OneDrive support in Opus 12 is only for the fall creator's update of Windows 10.

Hi, Jon. Windows 10 x64, version 1709.

That's very odd then. OneDrive no longer uses overlay icons at all. What do you see in Explorer?

It's almost as if you have the old Windows 7 OneDrive client installed rather than the one that's built-in to Windows 10.

Thanks, Jon. I'll force download the OneDrive client from MS, uninstall the old and reinstall, and see what happens.

I uninstalled OneDrive, downloaded the newest version from Microsoft, and reinstalled. I'm still seeing the overlay icons (out of sync with Status column), both in Dopus and in File Explorer. Any other ideas ? So there are no longer supposed to be status overlays with OneDrive, even in native explorer ?

OneDrive isn't a separate download now. It's built into Windows. So try uninstalling it completely (don't reinstall), then reboot and see what you have then.

OK, I've done that. Now there's no indication that OneDrive is working at all. And, to boot, there's no longer a OneDrive folder format listed in Dopus...

I found this which may help:

Thanks, Jon. That didn't work, but following these directions after uninstalling and reinstalling the latest OneDrive (four times!) seems to have fixed it:

More details for anyone else who might care / run into this problem later:

The third time I reinstalled, I got command prompt boxes flashing up on me on Windows reboot....only up for a second but did see several references to OneDrive. It was only after uninstalling and reinstalling, then choosing to reboot into Safe Mode immediately after OneDrive reinstall (and BEFORE trying to run OneDrive for the first time) that it seemed to rectify the problem.

The only other thing I wonder about is that, before I upgraded to Fall Creator's 1709 Update (was running prior version before that), I was not using OneDrive and had disabled it from Startup in its Options menu. It was NOT uninstalled, just not automatically starting up. Not sure if that threw the Windows upgrade process to 1709 for a loop (lesser non-standardized settings have been known to do that before!).

Anyway, happy camper now. Thanks, Jon, for the responsiveness.


That was something I was unaware of as well!!