OneDrive Icons not showing in Status Column


I just update my windows to latest fall creator update and liking the 'Files on Demand' feature from OneDrive. Currently as stated above 'Status' only work on windows explorer. On DO I can ony add 'Availability' Columns which only tell files are on local or online without detailed status such as: permanent offline or downloaded on demand request. Will DOpus 11 updated for this changes? Or only for DOpus 12?

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Hadi Susanto

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Only Opus 12.

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I want to add that I would also want to see this updated for DOpus.

One more thing I noticed - I tend to upload photos to a folder that I have marked to download on demand (as there's a lot of photos there and it is 1-2GB now) and it seems that DOpus does not handle previews for images that are marked as download on demand.

I am not sure if this is something that is even exposed via OS/OneDrive APIs so I am not sure if DOpus can detect this and get the thumbnail from OneDrive or something, but it would be amazing if I can see the previews in DOpus and not have to switch to explorer for this one folder.

The next update (12.6.3 beta, and later 12.7 stable) will include support for the new Win10 FCU OneDrive in the existing Availability column, as well as thumbnail support for remote files in the OneDrive folder (to the extent that OneDrive's web service can generate them), and the ability to search, filter or label (including status icons) files based on availability.


You can now grab the new beta with support for the Win10 FCU OneDrive changes:

The display of the status is available now for normal onedrive.
But it seems that Onedrive for Business is not supported yet?
Technically it is the same client. There are just different folders.

What is the timeline for the full implementation of this feature?
Would be really cool :).


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The same client (OneDrive.exe) cache locally the OneDrive folder (the consumer one), the OneDrive for Business folder (the "home folder" in Office 365), and multiples SharePoint folders (the "Team Folder"). OneDrive Folder Type format should be applied by default to all of them, and, of course, Status icon and Availability columns should have the correct values.

Is the only issue that the OneDrive folder format doesn't automatically kick in for the other folders?

Do the status and availability columns now work in those folders if you turn them on yourself?

For other folders Status Icon does NOT work, Availability column works for files, not sure it works for sub-folders.
See my samples below (I have 3 "onedrive" root folders; Personal is OneDrive consumer, Pulsar IT is my Company name where I have Office 365 account with Onedrive / Sharepoint).


onedrive roots displayed correctly in Tabs.

File and folder availability samples.



Same happens on my computer.
Only the Onedrive for Consumer shows up with the new status indicator.
All other Onedrive for Business folders look the same as before - with no indicator or status column.

And turning the status on just shows an empty status column.

Any ideas why this is?

Would be really cool to have all OD root-folders supported; incl. Sharepoint.


@alexa I've sent you a PM with a link to a test version to try.

I test it. I sent you feedback privately.

Thanks! I have replied :slight_smile:

Seeing the same issue with OneDrive for Business doesn't show status. I like that it is there for personal.

Is there an update on this? I have just migrated from Dropbox to OneDrive (because download on demand is only available on Dropbox on Business and Professional versions) and discovered that my OneDrive for Business status icons don't appear, even when I manually turn the columns on.

Support was added in 12.7:

If you're on that version or newer already, do the status icons work OK in File Explorer?

Also, make sure this option is turned on:

  • Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show cloud* storage status icons in the Status column

    (* The word "cloud" may be "OneDrive" in some versions, before the option was extended to cover DropBox as well.)

Leo - thanks for the quick reply. It's working now - at least on my home PC. They didn't come up on my work laptop, but it may be that the sync hadn't finished.

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I have the same issue with 12.18.2 where the status column is empty for the business onedrive folders

For my personal onedrive, however, the status columns shows the proper onedrive sync icons

Please run regedit.exe and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts.

Right-click the Accounts branch and choose Export to save that branch as a file, and then zip and email it to