Onedrive Offline File Filtering bug?

Guys I'm looking to Filter Files / Folder within Onedrive so that:

  • If the file is offline it will be hidden
  • If the folder is offline it will be hidden

Now to do this I'm looking to set the Folder Options Filter Attribute to 'ticked'

This works BUT it also seems to hide the parent folders that contain files or folders which have the offline flag set.

For example my 'Pictures' folder contains sub-folders such as 'family' and 'holidays', the 'holidays' photos I keep online only, the other folders are offline.

If I set the filter as described above I get the 'Pictures' folder hiding?

Or am I missing something?

Can anyone verify / confirm?

No one else seeing this bug?

If the folder is marked as offline then it will be filtered out by the attribute filter just like files will be. There's currently no way to apply an attribute filter only to folders.

Right, so it's a MS issue then that the 'pictures' folder is considered 'on-line' even though it contains both on-line and off-line photos?


I don't think it is a bug at all. Online/Offline is an attribute. It can only be one or the other for a given file or folder. You can set it to whichever you want on each of your files and folders by telling OneDrive to make them available offline (or not).

The attribute on folders determines whether new files added to the folder will available offline or not by default (which can be overridden on the file after it is created, if you wish).

I don't think there are any bugs here, in Opus or OneDrive; it seems like you just weren't aware how OneDrive works in this respect.

So, if the 'pictures' folder contains lots of directories and photos if I change it at the top level to be offline everything within will be downloaded to the PC. I then have to alter the structure within to change that and then remove files that may have been downloaded..... right.... logical not :slight_smile:

I'm not sure how the attribute propagates to existing files and don't use OneDrive myself so I'm not sure if that's right or not.

Whatever it is, it's not a bug, and searching/filtering by online/offline attribute does what it should do.

In the future we may add a way to filter by attributes for files and folders separately.

Understood Leo.

Jon if you could that would be a positive boon! Then I'd be able to leave folders unfiltered and hide the offline files in certain listers - heaven!

Very much appreciated Jon, working perfectly!