OneDrive Win2004

I stopped using the OneDrive windows client a long time ago because it was very bugged with Opus. Some of the bugs like the icon status of sync not updating is not what I'm referring but others more annoying I had for years.

When I browsed a specific OneDrive folder it started to automatically download some files. Some bug on which Opus did not properly recognize the placeholder. I do not have my OneDrive folders locally but just keep them remotely on the server. That means most of my folders only are displayed in the Windows Explorer and I download them manually when requested but they don't take up storage in the local drive. The files on demand was experimental some years back and I'm wondering how it plays not with opus.

I'm curious how Opus is working with the latest Windows version 2004 since some of the bugs discussed here are for older Windows versions. I did check the logs and I don't see anything new regarding OneDrive or updates in that regard.

The most recent beta reenables things like sync status as we've finally worked out how to work around the deliberate crippling Microsoft introduced a while ago.

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This describes the bug for the icons that did not properly updated. For me, that was more a visual bug, I just opened the Windows Explorer to see if a folder or files was updated (in sync). While a bit annoying nothing dramatic.

The bug that did really was the reason I stopped using OneDrive with Opus, is the one that started downloading the files automatically just when I browsed a specific folder.

Example, I have a folder for software installers with OneDrive. Most files are huge, a couple of GBs each. To reduce drive space this folder was set for online only, but I still could browse the folder and download a file only when requested. Windows only shows the placeholders, but they are not really in the local hard drive. As such consume no space.

The problem with Opus, was that only entering that folder or searching something started to download at least one file. I had them to manually stop the download and mark the file again to be only available online.

Next time I entered that folder to see the list of files, again it started to download a file, just a random one. I could not replicate the behavior but something about Opus trigged OneDrive to start downloading one file without me opening the file, copying it, or doing anything on it. OneDrive is supposed to only download the file if you request it or try to manipulate it.

Have you tried the beta yet?

No. I will test it later this week