Only start threads here if you are posting a new plugin

This area is for posting viewer plugin DLLs, preview handlers, and so on, so that other people can easily find and download them.

Note that Opus comes with more plugins than are listed here (e.g. for playing movies and viewing text files), and a few of the plugins here are also bundled with Opus for your convenience.

Please do not post general questions here as they get in the way of people looking for plugins. Use the Help & Support area.

If you wish to request a plugin, please use the general Help & Support area for that as well.

If you need help writing a new plugin, please use Help & Support to start with, and we can move to email or instant messaging if needed.

Feel free to discuss plugins in their respective threads but please do not create new threads unless they are to share new plugins you've made or found. (New posts in this area should now require moderator approval to fix random posts appearing here.)