Open an instance of DO with only a branch of the tree?

Though primarily i always wish to show my entire storage tree in the "Folder Tree" pane, i was wondering if it is possible to easily open another instance of DO with strictly one specified/selected branch shown and available for navigation there within. My purpose is document navigation - where i historically used a program called PaperPort for this purpose, the owners have chosen to abandon development of that code and pursue other areas.

With everything DO does, i suspect so, but i do not know what to search to find out how-



You can root the tree to a specific folder in a few different ways.

If the aim is to have a button that opens a whole new window, in and rooted to a particular folder, you can use a command like this (using C:\ as the example folder):


I am very sorry, i feel very ignorant and embarrassed and I do not wish to abuse your time; is there a tutorial somewhere that will explain how to achieve this?. From what you write it seems to me this is exactly what i would hope for, but i don't know what to do-

Go to Settings / Customize Toolbars... in your DOpus menus. Right-click on a toolbar and select either New / New Button (if you right-clicked on an empty area of a toolbar) or Insert New / New Button (if you right-clicked directly on an existing button, this will insert the new button to the right of the button you right-clicked on).

You'll now have only a lovely button named "New Button". If we stopped here, the New Button would do nothing.

With the Customize window still open, right-click your "New Button" and choose Edit. This will give you a blank Command Editor for that button.


The Label is the "New Button" text we see on the button, change that to something appropriate like "Go C:". I filled in the Tip with useful text that will show up when you hover over the button. Then I coped Leo's command above and pasted it into the Function box. (I also picked an icon. You can click the left icon with the 1 in the corner and pick something. I searched for "drive" in the icon list and picked one of those.)


Here's my handy-dancy new button...


Don't forget to close the Customize window.

Now, when clicking the "Go C:" button, I get a new DOpus window and it's already anchored to the C:\ location.

(Tip: If it's in your way while editing the toolbars, you can move the Customize window.)

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Got it!!!

Thank-you Leo and DesertDwarf, very much!!!

I think i need to learn about these user created buttons, they seem able to open up a whole new dimension.

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There is a tremendous amount of power and customization in the DOpus menus and toolbars.

(Tip: You can do the same thing to menus that you can do to Toolbars, as long as you have the Customize window open.)

Also, if @Leo (or @Jon) contradicts me in any way, trust them more than me. They write the program. I just use it.

If you want to dig deeper, here are two good places to start:

Thank-you, i have just now started reading the first one a few minutes ago!

Not to hold you up any longer than i already have, but since we are chatting - i had started watching the "What is new" tutorials you had posted and was interested in that "dark theme" you were working on; i noticed that someone else also asked you about it and you advised that it was still in development. I think it is great and am so much looking forward to any mention that you have made it available!

Thank-you for everything!

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