Open any external program is slower from DOpus than explorer

Hi I am on
and I just found that any external I open in DOpus cost a longer launching time than in explorer.exe
e.g. notepad, gvim, pdf, doc
I checked gvim's starting log, and it's the same. Nearly in 0.2s gvim finished loading all components but I will wait for about 2s when I open a file in gvim from DOpus.
any suggestions?

and it's on windows 7 64bit enterprise edition

Try disabling your anti-virus and see if it makes a difference.

I am sorry but I cannot disable it because it's installed by the system admin and needs password to turn off it
any other possible solution?

Not that I can think of.

Hi I just fix this, but I don't know why
it might because the UAC.
I tried to use DOpus under UAC and it is as quick as explorer now, even I turn off the UAC