Open cbr/cbz files with associated application (with Archive plugins enabled)

I've already enabled the Preferences > Zip & Other Archives > Archive and VFS Plugins > CBR and CBZ checkbox in order to get thumbnails for these to show up in DOPUS. However, whenever I double-click on these files, it auto-opens them as an archive instead of running the associated comic reader assigned.

How do I force it to open with default program on double-click?

Settings / File Types, locate the .CBZ file type and edit its double-click action.

I've already done this. It still doesn't open with the chosen application:

Check what's on the Events tab. That can override what double-click does.

Setting the left double-click event to run FileType ACTION=shellex should make it do the same thing that would happen in File Explorer, without having to worry about any specifics of the program involved.

Thanks, but I fixed it by going to Settings > File Types > File Type Groups and deleting the Archives group itself.

The Archives group contained the cbr/cbz extensions and has the command 'go' attached to them. I was unable to remove both extensions from the group, and so I deleted the entire group itself.

Doing that will likely cause other problems as it'll affect a lot more than just the two comic book formats.

I double-checked the list of extension in System File Types, and only the two cbr/cbz extensions were marked as Archives. So I think I'm ok with that until something breaks but I'll keep your warning in mind. Thank you.