Open chrome images default picture viewer


can you please tell me, is there a way to make images downloaded on chrome when clicked to open from chrome's foot bar to open with Dopus's picture viewer ?

Thank you


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Thank you

Checking it out now

I've been trying to change default viewer in win 10 but I just can't select d8 viewer no matter what I do, i can change into other programs but not d8viewer.exe, can you please help me ?

Recent updates to Windows 10 introduced a bug which completely breaks aspects of the Open With functionality.

Hopefully Microsoft will fix the OS, but they still haven't at least a month later.

As a workaround you can fix things by following the additional steps here:

I've added the same information to the FAQ.

Thank you

does that mean if I want to do change jpg default file handler it should be

ftype jpegfile="C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\d8viewer.exe" %1

is that it ?

Yes !!

Finally got this solved

Just cannot believe the hassle it take to get this done in win 10

Thank you very much !

Now there is only just one more thing i have UAC on first level of protection meaning that when I open the image UAC prompt asks for authorization to open d8viewer, I already have d8viewer with admin privilege, is there any other way to not trigger the the UAC prompt ?

Make sure none of the Compatibility settings have been turned on for any of the Opus executables: