"Open Contained Folder" when double clicking on file in "Location" column?

Hello Community,

is this somehow already possible, for example for flat view or search results? That would be a great time saver. For those who want to try it out, Voidtools Everything has this feature.

I don't think it's possible to evaluate the click position, but you could easily use a modifier for double-click, e.g.

It should also be in the right-click menu when viewing search results. (But not Flat View, although we're planning to give Flat View items a similar menu.)

Yes I've put "Open Containing Folder" in the default right-click menu, since I use that all the time.

However, most of the time the context menu opens with a delay of one to a few seconds.

Alexander's idea is of course very good, I will do that.

It shouldn't take that long. If it does, it's almost always caused by a bad shell extension something else has installed. See Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files for advice on tracking it down (or hiding it unless Shift is held down).

Correct, and I do clean out the context menu regularly. Still, sometimes these short delays can happen.

But even without delay, the procedure to open the containing folder is relatively clumsy with right-clicking, moving the mouse to the menu and left-clicking -- if you do this many times a day.

I shall try and implement Alexander's suggestion as soon as possible and report back!

You could always put the command on a toolbar button or hotkey if it's something you use a lot.

Yeah, Jon thank you -- I believe that Alexander's idea already is something like a hotkey for it.