Open Containing Folder for Flat View


Right click "Open Containing Folder" is possible when searching for files but not in Flat View. Any way to get this fixed?

You could add a button or context menu item to do it (which would appear in all modes).

Please link your account if you need detailed help on how to do that.

Ok. Nice. Linked it. I have made a new button now, but need a function.

Thanks for linking!

Go OPENCONTAINER should be all you need for the command.

You can use that on a button, so it'll go to the parent folder of the selected file when you click the button.

You can also put it into the context menu for all files & folders, if you wish. (Settings -> File Types)

If you want something that works with multiple files in different folders, you might want to make the command open new tabs instead of changing the current tab. For example:



Thanks! I needed "Open Containing Folder" for Flat View very badly, and thank to this thread, I now got it in the Context Menu (for "all files").

May I suggest that this command should be in the Context Menu when in Flat View by default.