Open dual display with current view

I am using Directory Opus 12.

I have set up a default lister and it works fine for that purpose.

But, when I change to dual display it always goes to the default in both displays.

Can I change these diplays to open to the “current display” in styles or some where else?



Do you change to dual display by selecting a style?

Then you need to edit the style, or you can simply use

Yes, I use styles, and I have edited my styles the way I like them except for this problem.
I spend most of my time in explorer (style) but when I switch to dual display (usually horizontal) it opens to my default lister rather than where I am viewing at the moment. I would like to change this action but haven't figured out how.

If you edit* the style in Preferences, there's a Folder option/checkbox for the left and right file display at the bottom. If that is turned off, the display will open according to your other Preferences setting.

The Tab Group checkbox also needs to be off. That lets you load multiple folders into one or both sides.

(*To edit the style, right-click it in the menu and choose Edit, which opens Preferences and selects it. Double-click it to then edit its details.)

You should also ensure that Preferences / File Displays / Options / Specify initial folder when switching to dual file display is turned off, as that will override which folder Opus navigates to when the dual display opens. If it's turned off, and nothing else overrides it, then the dual display will open in the same folder as the first file display.

Thanks, worked perfectly!

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