Open EVERYTHING, from ANYWHERE in current Lister instead of opening new Lister?

How can I make it so anything I open from my browser opens in the list I am currently using, instead of opening a new lister window? Incidentally, why isn't this the default behaviour on a fresh install? Incidentally, I want DO to open the current lister from anywhere, not just my browser (Chrome).


Turning on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab is the main thing.

Some other things you may also want to do are here, near the top of the FAQ list: Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows -- New tabs instead of new windows. Also how to make a hotkey to show the last active window.

Cool, thanks!

PS: I think "Open external folders in a new tab" should be set to On when first installed.

Since it's frequently asked, i would agree on this. Maybe it could be included into the installation process, as we already have similar installing options?

This doesn't always work for me. I have all the options set as per screenshots from both threads and yet, when no lister is open and e.g. doulbe click on a folder on my Desktop I get a new empty lister with only one tab (this folder) open instead of restoring my tabs from the previoulsy closed lister. However, if I run (from Win+R Run command) dopus.exe manually, then the second lister opens restoring my previously closed tabs.
Even if I click "Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window" this only helps when Opus tray process is not running (e.g. only when I launch Windows). However, if I just close lister and double-click on the desktop folder, I still get an empty lister instead of getting my tabs back

Is there a way to somehow add an option to just disable any ability to have multiple/new listers and always reopen previously closed tabs so that I always return to the same place where I left off?