"Open external folders in a new tab" not working correctly

Yeppers... and Jon should know :slight_smile: if for no other reason since this type of behavior was based on a similar 'assumption' back in old versions of Opus v8.x which caused certain inconsistencies with how some media files (like mp3's) were treated on doubleclick between Explorer and Opus. This was because Opus similarly and explicitly 'opened' the files instead of calling for the 'default' shell action which for some types of files was NOT 'open' after being modified by other apps (like Winamp) to be something like 'Play' instead of 'open'...

That should be all there is to it... so time for Sandboxie devs to see if they're willing to make a change... I'm sure you can refer them to this topic if they want a little more info.

Thanks guys. This info has been passed on to the Sandboxie devs.

Now I'll just wait with my fingers crossed... :slight_smile:

If you want something to back up the suggestion of using NULL instead of "open" then there's this by one of the Windows developers:

blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archi ... 32224.aspx

As of v2.0.0.7, I'm still having a problem here with a program spawning new listers instead of tabs.
Should I elaborate on that?

Or couldn't Dopus just handle the issue in a more generalized fashion? "If there's an open lister, open the folder in a new tab, regardless of what the external launch command was"

[quote="kingding"]As of v2.0.0.7, I'm still having a problem here with a program spawning new listers instead of tabs.
Should I elaborate on that?[/quote]
You will need to talk to the people who write the programs which are causing new windows to open and ask them to explain how they are launching the folders, then get back to us.

[quote="nudel"]You will need to talk to the people... [/quote]Um, I'll see what I can find out.

[quote="nudel"]... how they are launching the folders[/quote]But, I mean, as long as the program doesn't magically call "dopusrt.exe /cmd GO NEW ...", Dopus could handle the "open folder!" request in its own way, couldn't it?

Roboform is another program that opens new listers.
After downloading and installing it, click on the task symbol and choose "Profiles" -> "Explore Folder"

Maybe there's more we can do to improve this - I'll look into it.

I "thought" one issue was that on Vista, modifying the 'open' verb as defined in the registry in order to launch opus simply didn't work and it seemed that something in Windows was bypassing this method of controlling shellexecute... (or maybe shellexecute is intercepted and handled differently in vista as part of the native security enhancements)?

Looked at the other way... for XP users, can't they modify the 'open' verb in the registry to use Opus instead of explorer?

Yes, you can turn on the 'global_explorer_replacement' option in Prefs / Misc / Advanced - might be worth a try.

I'm using Win XP with 'Replace Explorer for all folders' switched on, if that helps.

Ok I have made some changes which will hopefully solve this problem for good. Certainly it now works with the specific issue mentioned above (Roboform). Next version should be out later this week.

Some more "opens new lister" examples:
Emule: "Shared Files" (main toolbar) -> Right click on file -> "Open folder"
Free Download Manager:Right click on file -> "Open folder"
Mediamonkey: Right click on file -> "Find more from same" -> "Folder (Explorer)"

Thanks! fixed it.

I still have the same problem...

What I would like to see is just one lister - all other opened folders should be seen in that lister. However, DOpus still opens several listers in some cases, e.g. when using the Find function or when opening folders from external applications (e.g. Locate32).

It would be really useful if DOpus detected opening of new listers and brought all tabs opened there to the original lister.

Locate32 has a registry setting you can use to change how it opens folders. I think I posted details about it in this forum and/or their forum. Maybe even in this thread, but not sure. I'm posting from a mobile so it's a pain to search.

I still do not get it... Dopus already checks if it has more than one lister opened (so that it can assign Source/Target/None setting properly). Why cannot it bring all tabs from all listers to the first opened lister, if the "One lister only" option is set?

BTW, I get several listers also when searching with "Lister (Collection)" option. I do not want either "Find window", or "Output window" - I want a collection, but opened in the original lister, not a new one...

If you want something done about that then write to GPSoftware so that it's on their to-do list.

In the meantime, for Locate32, you can configure it to open via one of the methods which will cause Opus to open a new tab if it's set to do so.

Note that Locate32 opens folders using an unusual (perfectly valid but unusual) method which is probably why it was overlooked with the tab setting. If you want it not to be overlooked then tell GPSoftware via their support page.

Use the Find Panel (Tools -> Find Panel) instead of the old Find Window. That has options to open the collection in a new tab.