Open external folders in new Tab instead of new Lister

Whenever a folder is launched from outside of DOpus it opens a new lister.
I would like to have them instead be added as a new tab in my last used lister (or at least the active lister).
I'm using the option "Replace Explorer for all file system folders", and I have a check next to "Open external folders in a new tab", but still no luck.

lee321987, take a look here:

[Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

This should cover what you want.

Didn't work. Still getting new Listers.

I'm probably gonna lose my internet at midnight (until Dec. 25) so if anyone asks me a question, sorry I can't respond.

Do you get the same thing if you double-click a folder from the desktop or is it only when certain programs launch folders?

Sorry guys -- I lost my internet for a few days.

I've narrowed it down to this:
If I have only one lister open then folders opened outside Opus will be added as new tabs, but if I have more than one lister open then every new folder opens in a new lister.
I have two listers open > open a folder from Explorer > it opens in a third lister > open a folder by double-clicking one on my desktop > it opens in a fourth lister ...ect...

Now it's working right, but I don't know what I changed, unless it could have something to do with saved/saving "Lister Layouts"....?
Any ideas?

Well I thought it was working.
If only one Lister is open then all works well, but if there is more than one Lister open and I start clicking folders from outside Opus one of two things may happen:
1)one new lister opens, and all the new folders open in that new lister.
2)one new lister opens for each folder.

Whether it's 1) or 2) seems random. Is this a bug?

Can you post screenshots of all the Preferences pages below the Launching Opus section?

(Just attach them to a reply and they'll appear in the message.)


I tried those settings but haven't been able to reproduce it yet.

You said it only goes wrong if a second lister is open. How are you opening the second lister?

When it does go wrong, could you open Task Manager and select the option to show processes from all users, then confirm that there is only one copy of dopus.exe running and that it's running under your user name?

Try turning off shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes to see if that is one of the triggers. I tried turning it on and still couldn't reproduce the problem but if Opus isn't shutting down cleanly for some reason then that could be the problem and turning off that option should help us pinpoint it (or, if it makes no difference, let us ignore that idea and concentrate on others).

none of your suggestions helped, leo

my "Launching Opus" -setup largely differs from lee321987`s

the second lister i opened from the tray icon or the toolbar, the third by opening a folder in explorer (which is associated with dopus) or "open containing folder" in foobar, wont make any difference; and dopus.exe-user is me only, of course :exclamation:

maybe a problem with the registry-association? HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\openindopus

if an existing lister already contains the newly opened location (by double-clicking in explorer) dopus will then bring this lister to the front, and not open a new one, this doesn't work with foobars "open containing folder".

Ways I've opened the second Lister:
Explorer, folder on Desktop, File > Open New Lister (from Opus), and my QuickLaunch which Targets "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\DOpus.exe" /autolister
Also tried this at a command prompt: "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\DOpus.exe"
Only one "dopus.exe" is running and it's under my name (I'm the only one who ever uses this computer).
Turning off shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes doesn't work.

But I have discovered something that may help:
Everything works as it should under one condition: The last active lister has a style of "Single" -- if it is in "Commander" mode it opens a new listers for every folder or opens one new lister for the first folder, then each new folder opens in this lister (this one rarely occurs).

That's possible. You can use my FileTypeDiag tool (no install required) to save the folder registry settings to a text file for comparison. Just run the exe, leave the extension field blank and click Save.

Here's what I got using your FileTypeDiag tool. Anything look strange here? (I know I have to be careful editing the Registry)

00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus: "" = "Open in &Directory Opus" 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\command\ 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\command: "" = ""C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /dde" 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\ 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec: "" = "[NewTab("%L", %I)]" 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\application\ 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\application: "" = "DOpus" 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\ifexec\ 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\ifexec: "" = "[NewTab("%L", %I)]" 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\topic\ 00 HKCR\Folder\shell\openindopus\ddeexec\topic: "" = "AppProperties"

That looks fine to me.

So far I still can't repro what you're seeing. Maybe it depends on which folders are currently visible and which are double-clicked?

Could you make a screenshot showing all of the the currently-open Opus windows, plus the icon that is being double-clicked (on the desktop or wherever)? I'll try and do exactly the same thing to see if I can make it happen.

Forget it. I'll just uncheck "Preferences --> Listers --> Options --> Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister", And set a Layout Style of Single for my Default Lister. It's not perfect, but at least only one new lister will be opened when I open a bunch of folders from outside Opus.
Thank you for helping.

meanwhile i switched to xp64, the problem persisted after importing previous dopus configuration.

However, problem solved after setting a new default lister via Settings-Set as Default Lister which unchecked Listers-Options-Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister.