Open folder in new tab in the other lister

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I now that with CTRL + Enter you can open the current highlighted folder in the focused tab on the other lister. But, at least for me, would be better to not mess the other lister's tab and open in a new one instead.

So, is it possible with a keyboard shortcut to open the current highlihted folder in a new folder on the opposite lister?


The command you want would be:


The Ctrl+Enter hotkey is really Ctrl+Double-click (Enter = Double-click in the file display), and can be changed via Settings - File Types - All Folders - Events.

Alternatively, if you want a different hotkey, you can bind that command to one via Settings - Customize Toolbars - Keys.

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That was quick, thanks leo.

I noticed an inconsistency on at least another hotkey I wanted to let you know. As you say, Enter = Double click, so if I press ALT + Double Click it runs the go newtab command (and opens a new tab), but instead, if I press ALT + Enter it shows the selected item properties.

I think that the standard Windows hotkey (ALT + Enter) kicks in and display the properties instead. Have you noticed that?


Oh, by the way, is there a command to make the "go newtab" action open in a background folder instead (i.e. not focused) on the same lister? I'm trying to mimic what every internet browser do with CTRL + Click (open link in new background tab).

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There's an explicit Alt + Enter hotkey by default, which will override the Alt + Double-click event when using the keyboard. You can edit/delete/disable it if you wish.

Add "nofocus" to open in a background tab:

Go NEWTAB=findexisting,nofocus OPENINDUAL


One last question, is it possible to create other events for folders? I see the "New" button grayed out.

I'd like to create something like Left Double Click + CTRL + ALT (two keys pressed).

You can create other hotkeys but the possible mouse events which can be assigned are fixed.

You can use @keydown in the mouse event function to test for qualifier keys.

Is it possible to bind the command Go NEWTAB=findexisting OPENINDUAL

to CTRL + ALT + ENTER hotkey? I have tried setting it up to no avail.

You can do it via Customize > Keys.

Create a new Lister Hotkey, and set the command to this (I added FROMSEL to the command):


Getting the hotkey itself is slightly tricky, as the combination of other two keys get in the way of using the UI a bit. But it can be done like this:

  • Hold Ctrl + Alt
  • Click the drop-down on the right of the hotkey field. Do not release the mouse.
  • Move the mouse over Enter in the menu, then release the mouse.


Great thanks a lot for your help !