Open folders in new tab via middle mouse button

Could you please help! I have CAD mouse with a middle button as well as wheel. I'd like to set the middle button (single click) to perform the right click command 'open in new folder tab', but I can't work out how to do it.

You can use Settings > File Types > All Folders > Events to change what a middle double-click does. (e.g. Go NEWTAB=findexisting is probably what you want).

You can then also turn on Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Single middle click to trigger middle double-click events on background and files so you only have to single-click the middle button.

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Awesome - Thank You

Hi, what do I put in place of Go NEWTAB=findexisting if I want the same behavior but I do not want the new tab to take focus, but want it to open in the background? Thanks.

Append nofocus.!Documents/Go1.htm