Open found file's directory in a new tab

This question is similar to [Open Find Results collection in new tab in current lister], but a little different.

With DOP12, in the Find Results list, is there a way to right click on one of the items that was found and have DOP12 open the directory that contains the "found" file (which is listed as the "Location" column in the Find Results list) in a new tab? This would be similar to the find option in Windows (believe it or not) which does have this "open containing directory" capability, and which I've found very handy.
Thanks very much

That should be in the right click menu for Collection Items by default, unless it was removed or your config dates back to a really old version, or you loaded someone else's config maybe.

If you want it to open things in new tabs, add NEWTAB or NEWTAB=findexisting or NEWTAB=findexisting,nofocus or similar arguments to the existing command, depending on exactly what you want.

Details about the different versions of the NEWTAB argument can be found here: Go command.