Open Image Context Menu Issue


I don't know if this issue is actually caused by Direcory Opus, but when I right-click on an image file the context menu appears unusually wide as shown below:

In the above image, the 2nd and 3rd menu items are a little strange. Is there some way I can remove these items or somehow fix the problem?

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several possibilities
(does not come through dopus!)

the program photos:
has been uninstalled
is not up to date (windows store)
is blocked by firewall/others (wants internet access)
has been changed by other software (context menu)
the normal link has been changed (windows standard apps)
too many entries cleaned (programs to remove garbage)

Similar problem here:

Right clicking, choosing "Open With.." and changing the default program has fixed it. I should have tried this - silly me. Thanks for all the replies.