Open in new tab without dopusrt

My question is : Can I open a folder in a new tab in dopus with parameters?. I mean, everytime when i want to open a folder in Everything (a index program)he open it in another instance of dopus. This have a solution. But I wondering if there's a way that put: dopus.exe //parameters to doing that.
Sorry for my english

Did you try GO NEWTAB=findexisting?

Hmmm, when I double click a selected folder in Everything it opens as a TAB in Opus. The same is true if I right mouse click and select Open in Directory Opus.

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FAQ: Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows

(FAQ I posted doesn't related to dopusrt, but probably explains what aussieboykie has done to get the behaviour he described. Abr's command should work with dopusrt.)

Let me be more specific:
In this configuration of Everything:
explore_folder_command=$exec("%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" /n,/e,"%1")
explore_folder_path_command=$exec("%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" /n,/e,/select,"%1")
open_folder_path_command=$exec("%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe" /select,"%1")
What would it be change in this configuration to opening with dopus in explore, explore folde path and open folder path?

If the command is being run from outside of Opus then using dopusrt.exe is the right way to do it (and better than running explorer.exe and relying on Explorer Replacement if you don't want to change your general Explorer Replacement settings to make that happen for all folders)...

...but in the subject you say you don't want to use dopusrt. Why's that?