Open in new tab without focusing on it

Hi to Directory Opus wizards.
I hope you all are having a nice holiday season.

I have a question that I cannot find an answer after searching the forums and the interwebs and maybe someone in here could help me.

Sometimes I have to find images in different folders and my routine is to search for the folders by the common name, go to the collection , middle click in the search results I desire and then go into the new tabs and look for the images I need. Something like searching in google and middle clicking multiple links that open in new tabs on the background.

My problem is that when I middle click on a folder it is set to open a new tab and go into it (focus on it).
Is there any way instead of GO NEWTAB that happens now to just open the new tab without focusing on it so I can continue to middle click on folders in my search result without leaving? That way I won't have to go back to the collection after every single click.

Thank you in advance

You can right-click them and use the menu item to open them all in new tabs at once. Or drag them to the tab bar, either all at once or one by one.

Commands can also do it (Go NEWTAB=nofocus) but you shouldn't need a custom command here.

Thank you so much Leo. You are a life saver once more. The "Go NEWTAB=nofocus" (dah) did the trick. I knew about the right click but when I need more than 5 directories it gets a little bit tricky at selecting them.