"open in new" versus "reuse pre-existing"

At the bottom of this FAQ page:

[Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

There is an option to "open external folders in a new tab"


What if the user clicks on an item on the desktop and she wants dopus to not open up a new tab if a tab with the same exact path is already open somewhere else?

Is there an option to say "open in new tab" [on/off] as well as "always reuse existing tabs" [on/off]?

Thanks for any info,

NOTE: as a follow-up, I asked this question because although there are similar posts, it seems not everyone is using the same exact meaning for the terms:

  1. window [eg a main DOpus window]
  2. tab
  3. lister [eg when there is only one] and
  4. lister [eg when you have two]

I can imagine that people might want to pick between "open in new" or "reuse preexisting" for all four of these, independently, when they are clicking on items on the desktop or toolbar.