Open new tab findexisting from outside Opus doesn't bring up


I have a floating toolbar set up to open some frequently accessed folders in new tabs. I use the findexisting argument so that it does not open multiple identical tabs. For instance:

Go "E:\Jobs" NEWTAB=findexisting

My problem is that clicking on the corresponding button from outside Opus only brings up (activates) the lister if the tab did not already exist. I can see in the task bar that the required tab has the focus but I then have to click on it to bring the Opus window on top. Can I add an argument to do that automatically, i.e. give the focus to the existing tab and bring up the lister?


Change the command to this:

Go "E:\Jobs" NEWTAB=findexisting Go LASTACTIVELISTER

Great, thanks! Now, what if I want to put this in a shortcut or a macro?

Should I use something like this
/cmd Go "E:\Applications" NEWTAB findexisting Go LASTACTIVELISTER
as argument?

You'd run two commands:

dopusrt.exe /cmd Go "E:\Applications" NEWTAB=findexisting dopusrt.exe /cmd Go LASTACTIVELISTER

Brilliant, thanks!