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Hello all,

My first post to this forum. Today I had cause to reload my OS (WinVista 32 bit) and so had to reload Directory Opus ( I also use Open Office and was delighted to find that there was the option in Dopus to add an Open Office toolbar. Only problem is that the links in said buttons (all smileys, btw) don't actually link to the Open Office document types that they are supposed to.

I double checked to make certain I had ActivX installed (it was), so that's not the problem. I can't find, however, the place to change the links to these buttons. Currently when clicked on error messages like the following appear:

Windows cannot find 'program\soffice.exe .uno:Open'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

The actual location of, say, Writer is: C:\Program Files\ 3\program\soffice.exe. I'm not certain what the " .uno:Open switch is.


Sounds like you've either got a corrupted or old OpenOffice toolbar. Here's my OpenOffice toolbar for you to try - it works fine with the latest version of OO. Install it either by double-clicking the file or using the Import option on the File menu of the Customize dialog.

Bear in mind, the OpenOffice toolbar is exactly the same as any other toolbar in Opus - all the buttons are editable whilst in Customize mode and you can fix your existing toolbar with simple editing. Have a look at some of the tutorials on this site to find out more about editing buttons.
Steve OpenOffice.dop (2.5 KB)

Hi Steve,

Thanks very much for your attachment. I tried it and got the same results as with the default toolbar. But your comment about Customize mode led me to fiddle a bit with it and I finally uncovered the secret as to how to get at those paths: all I had to do was right click whilst in Customize!

I've set paths for years now ... dating back to the DOS days ... so correcting the paths here was as simple as pie. Now I'm making my own custom toolbars! Thanks!