Open pasted file URLs in Opus instead of Explorer?

If I paste a file URL such as file://myshare/Dir1/Dir2 in DOpus address bar it opens the location in Windows Explorer. How can I change this behavior so that it is opened directly in DOpus?

file:// URLs don't work (very well) in the path field, but the Go command supports them.

You could make a toolbar button or hotkey which runs this:

Go PATH="{clip}"

Then click the button (or hotkey) when a file URL (or other type of path) is in the clipboard, to go to that path.

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That will work as a workaround. Thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I'd like to add it as a feature request still though :slight_smile:

In the next update if you paste a file:// URL into the path field it'll be converted into a normal path.