Open pictures directly from iphone's folder

I've been having an issue with Directory Opus 12.x that I want to report as it's a little bit annoying :slight_smile:
Every time I open an image stored in my iPhone/iPad by accessing directly from the iPhone's (iPad's) folder, an error appears on opening the stand alone image viewer.

See error below:

Maybe can be related to some kind of temporal file deletion or something by getting a different/non-valid path?

I think that this is something not related only to iPhones or iPads, maybe mtp access?

Thank you in advance for your support and your great work on doing Dopus better and better!

I had written my message and the re-read the error image several times and realised that it's not related to temp files but Marked Pictures new Dopus feature.

any one having the same problem?
I just tested it with an Android phone and accessing it the same way and get the same kind of error. Something related to "Marked Pictures" path and not specifically to iPhone or iPad devices. The picture is shown as usual but with the error mentioned in my first post on top.

Yes, same here on Android when opening pictures directly via mtp in the stand alone viewer. Preview pane is ok.

Thanks for reporting this issue, it will be fixed in the next update.

Have you some newsr? @ the moment, I have the same issue and the drag&drop (copy) function to OneDrive is also hesitating with the MPT path.

Where is the "edit" button? I mean the MTP path and it is an Android device.