Open prefs / preferences window on current monitor / display / screen

Hi there,

a user over in the german forum is asking if it's possible to make the prefs dialog open always over the current lister. He is using 3 monitors and the prefs window always opens in last screen / position he says (which is surely fine for a lot of cases), but having it open over the current lister seems sensible as well.

Is there an option maybe? I had a search here and looked up the Prefs command, but did not find anything related so far, so I guess it's not possible, which would not be a show stopper of course! o)

Thank you! o)

My Prefs window is saved its current position/size after closing.

Me either.

Yes, that's the behaviour.

The users goal is to have it open on the monitor, the current lister is on, where he called for "Preferences".