Open rar in new tab

In my USB-Version a rar-archive will open in a new tab. How to deactivate?

When you double-click the rar in Opus, or from outside of Opus?

When dblclk rar in lister. On my local installation it works, but I don't find the difference in settings.

Edit: Filetype setting is correct with "go". I added same on another local installation and there it works.

Did you check the archives file type group as well as the rar type itself?

Are they opening in a new tab in the current window, or in a new window?

The rar-type is ok ("open" is set to WinRAR and "action" is not defined). All settings are same with local installations, where it works.

The rar opens in same lister with just new tab. Again, only portable DO version is affected and tested on two diff. pc's.

What are the Left Double-Click events set to for the Rar type and the Archives group?

Archives group is set to "go" and type is all empty (the config is identical on all DO-installations).

Is the tab you're starting from locked?

Or are any scripts installed?

That was it, damn, didnt notice that tab is locked (its the only one of course). Sorry for wasting your time.

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