Open the same directory by pressing the drive button on the other side lister

Switching from the Total Commander, love Dopus much more than TC, but I try to mimic one TC behavior I am used to: while on the double-sided lister on TC, if you have D://myfolder/mysubfolder open on the left side, and click on the D: drive button on the right side, then TC opens the same D://myfolder/mysubfolder on the right.
Does anybody know if that is possible to set as an option with Dopus?

If you add the drive buttons into a File Display Toolbar, they will act that way automatically.

Alternatively, if you want them on a normal toolbar, you can add the OPENINRIGHT argument to make them always open in the right-hand file display.

Using a File Display Toolbar probably makes the most sense, since then it will always be above the file display, and only present when that file display is open.

You can add to the existing toolbar, but that might get a bit cramped if you have a lot of drives. You add more than one file display toolbar via Preferences / File Displays / Border. e.g. You might want to add the Drives toolbar which comes with Opus, if you haven't deleted that, and use that as a starting point.

Leo, thanks a lot for the feedback.
I do have them on the File Display Toolbar on both sides, but they don't act this way: If I click on D: drive at the right, the drive opens in its root folder, but not at D:\OneDrive\production\skeddy, which is currently open at the right side. Please, see the screenshot here:

If you want to open the folder on the left into the right as well, there's a button for that in the file display border. Click the |> icon:


w(゚ο゚)w That's fantastic! α••(ᐛ)α•—
Thank you so much for your help!

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