Open with context menu


I like to add a new entry to the dopus context menu. So when I make a right click on a .pdf file I like to select between several applications which I can open or edit this .pdf file.
What is the right code to create such entry in the filetype menu dialog?

example for .pdf files
|-> open with
|-> Adobe Reader
|-> PDF Editor 1
|-> PDF Editor 2

or for image files
|-> open with
|-> Fireworks
|-> Photoshop
|-> Image Editor xyz

thank you for any hint.


It can depend on the program, but you usually just run the program and pass it the name of the file as an argument.

In an Opus command, that looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Some Program\Something.exe" {filepath}

Hello Leo,

thank you for your reply.
I have tried like in the screenshot, but the entry does´nt displayed. What do I wrong?


Did you look inside your labels menu? It's in there at the moment, from the screenshot.

Right-click it and choose the Decrease Indent option.

Ah, ok now it works.

And when I like to show this entry only on .pdf files, I have to add this into the section "Systemfiles" into the context menu of .pdf files... right?



That's right.