Open With: DO Viewer. Possible?


I have DO v9 running on Vista 64bit without any problems.

I changed my default viewer to ACDSee from the DO viewer.

On one important folder I want to use the DO viewer because that folder content are sequentially edited photos that I need to view in a certain order. ACDSee doesn't go through the sequence like I need, but DO viewer does.

So, if I right click "Open With: DO viewer", it launches, but then it's can't scroll through the other images, and the forward/back arrows are greyed out. I'm stuck with one image at a time.

Any solution? Otherwise I'll have to default to the DO viewer and run ACDSee from "Open With".


At the moment if the viewer is launched from "outside of Opus" then it does not generate the list of previous/next images. It's only when it is launched from inside Opus that it does that. (A request has already been sent to GPSoftware to improve that.)

"Outside of Opus" includes using the Open With menu, since that launches the viewer .exe in the same way that external programs would.

Ways to launch the viewer "inside of Opus":

[ol][li]Select the files you wish to view and run the Show command.

By default the command is File -> File Commands -> Show Pictures but you can assign it to a toolbar, context menu or hotkey for easier access.
[li]Configure Opus to use the internal viewer by default, then double-click an image file within Opus.

You can configure it under Preferences - File Operations - Double-click on Files: Use internal picture viewer... but you wouldn't want to do that if you want to use ACDSee as the default.[/li][/ol]