Opening a Drive to Same Folder in Commander Lister

Let's say I have a Commander Lister open with "C" on the left side and "D" on the other. Now, on the "C" side I drill down to "C:\Windows\Globalization\Sorting". Now on the right side, I click the "Drive C" button. I get Drive C, but at the root level.

Is there a way to, if I were to do the same thing, have it open and mirror the other side -- so that, in the above case, the right side would switch to "C:\Windows\Globalization\Sorting" when I press the Drive C key?

Chuck Billow

You can make a button which runs Go CURRENT OPENINDEST if you want something that will open the same folder in the other side. (Or use the |-> button on the file display border, if you haven't turned it off.)

Well duh...

Thanks Leo.