Opening a word 2003 file

i just install Opus 10 and i face a little problem:
when i double click on a word file, it doesn't open in Word but in Dopus prewiew window.
How can i get it the old Dopus 9 simple opening?



Do you mean the preview panel attached to the main lister and file display, or the standalone viewer window?

What happens if you right-click the file and choose Open instead?

If that doesn't work either, does it work in Explorer?

The standalone viewer window.
And it works when right-clicking the file and choose Open instead.
I did not mention that i use the 32bit version on a 64 bits PC (Dopus on an external hdrive)

[ul][li]32/64-bit (aside):

I recommend using the 64-bit version of Opus if you're on a 64-bit version of Windows. If you have the 64-bit version installed somewhere, you can export both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions to the same external drive at once and Opus will then choose the appropriate one when launched (so it can still work when the drive is plugged into 32-bit Windows). But that shouldn't affect how the Word file opens so it's just an side really.

[li]For the word file:

Please go to Settings -> File Types in Opus, and find the .DOC or .DOCX extension/type (whichever one you are opening).

Double-click the type and see if it has anything set on the Events tab. If sounds like it might have the Left double-click event set to run the Show command. (If it does, delete that event, but don't change anything on the other tabs yet.)

If there's nothing on the Events tab, what does the Actions tab look like? There's usually an Open action in bold which is set to run WINWORD.EXE. (Don't edit anything on the Actions tab yet as it shouldn't be needed and may create extra problems.)

[li]Another thing to check:

If you turn off Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Use internal picture viewer for..., does that make a difference to what happens when you double-click Word docs?

(You can turn it back on after checking.)


Right-clicking a Word doc and choosing Open With -> Choose Default Program (or similar), and then choosing Word from the list and setting it as the default may also fix things.[/li][/ul]