Opening Applications in Foreground

An application I use regularly (Notetab Pro) always opens behind the Opus lister window when I start it from an Opus button. Interestingly Notetab Light, the free version of the same application, opens in front of the Opus lister, it's just Pro that does this. I'm not suggesting that this is an Opus problem but I'm interested to know if there is a way in Opus of forcing an application to start in the foreground.

In case it is relevant, when Notetab Pro is started from the command line in a DOS window, it opens in front of the DOS window.

Regards, AB

What does the Opus button do? Please paste the XML you get for it if you copy the button to the clipboard (Customize, right-click the button, Copy).

Here's the button code...

/homeroot\utilities\NoteTab_Light\NoteTab.exe /usb
/homeroot\utilities\notetab\notepro.exe /usb

NoteTab Light loads in the foreground whereas NoteTab Pro loads in the background.

Regards, AB

Does NoteTab Pro have a feature which makes it open in the background if the shift key is held down when it's launched? :slight_smile:

Excellent catch. I just tried swapping them around and the behaviour reverses.

Thanks, AB