Opening Apps say Acrobat via DOpus

Opening other Apps via DOpus eg Acrobat. Acrobat opens when D/clk on PDF file in DOpus,however always on screen behind DOpus. Is there any way to have Acrobat open on screen in front of DOpus?


Does the same thing happen when you double-click a PDF in Explorer?

Which version of Adobe/Acrobat Reader?

Have you changed the PDF filetype's actions from the defaults?

Oh, also, is your Opus window set to be on top of other windows?

Do you have the Lister pinned to the front? Check the state of the pin button in the top-right corner.

Thanks Guys, Jon & nudel,

Yes it was the"Pin" setting. I have to confess to being a long term PowerDesk user. Whilst DOpus obviously blows PD away,it's relative complexity is such that it will take me time to learn. Many thanks for your swift replies.