Opening Dopus within Word, Acrobat, etc

Sorry if this has been covered before, I did several searches and didn't really find anything. My main questions are:

  1. Is there a way to open Dopus within MS Office 2010/2013 instead of the default Explorer window when using the Save As function or the the built-in Open icon on the Word toolbar? Same goes for Outlook/Excel/PowerPoint and other programs like Acrobat (and any others you can think of).

  2. Can you permanently save the zoom setting when increasing text size within Dopus? I did a search in Preferences and found nothing on this.

That's it for now, pretty simple. Though I'm sure I'll have more questions. Thank you!

(Please ask one question per thread.)

  1. No, Opus does not replace the standard File Open dialogs. What is it you want to be different about the dialogs? While tools to replace them generally cause problems and end up being abandoned by their authors, there are several tools to enhance them, several of which can also hook into Opus.

  2. Font sizes can be set under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.


Thanks, I was searching zoom instead of fonts.

Well I don't want the Explorer dialogs at all in Office or any other program. I have 20 users who will be confused if they're trying to save, let's say, a Word document using the Save As feature but, as they're about to save, decide to do a search in the location they're saving in only to find they're using Explorer's limited search functionality instead of Dopus. Many aren't technically proficient to just open a separate Explorer window in the first place. Or as is often the case, they won't be able to save a document using Save As in a deeply nested folder longer than Explorer's 260 character limit, while in Dopus the limit is 32,000 characters I believe. Little things like that will definitely throw them off. Not the end of the world, just wondering if we could get rid of Explorer entirely.

So that all said, what are the ways to enhance Explorer within Office with Dopus hooks? I'd love to learn all about them.

The character limit is in parts of the Windows API and probably the programs themselves. Using a File Open dialog with a longer limit is more likely to create problems than solve them. You really want people to avoid creating those paths, not make it easier.

Enhancing the dialogs is a very open-ended question, and not directly related to Opus. It's not something I do myself; all I know is there are several tools for doing it, some of which talk to Opus as we've been involved in helping them get the information to/from Opus that they need to.

Apparently the path limitation is entirely an Explorer issue or program call issue, not a limitation in the MS API which supports 32,000 character pathname length. It's also impractical to shorten pathnames for a lot of our files, makes no sense any file system would still have a limitation like that in this day and age frankly. But that's another subject.

In terms of the tools available, I'd very much love to see a way to hook Dopus into Office, be it an add-in or some other function call. No idea how to do it myself.

Only some APIs support that, and only when used in a particular way which almost nothing actually uses (and where anything using it can cause problems for all the other things that don't use it, so you have to be very careful if you do use it, which is what Opus does).

There's no way around the issue as it's in parts of the operating system and . Using extremely long paths will cause problems with some software. Opus aims to let you manage such paths (while making it hard to accidentally create them, it lets you work on them if something else created them), but they are still not a good idea.

Replacing just the File Open dialogs won't make the rest of Word, or all the other tools which may need to access the files, handle the paths.

So just to be clear, there's no real way to include some Dopus plug-in, or otherwise, in a software suite like Office, correct?