Opening files in read only mode?

I am evaluating Directory Opus, and I have following question:

Is this use case supported?:

  1. opening a file (MS Word, Excel, Notepad, Powerpoint, mp3, mp4, ...) by double click on the file name in Directory Opus;
  2. file is opened in MS Word/Excel, Notepad, default mp4 viewer etc, in ready only mode
  3. The user is not able to make changes to the file in the application (MS Word, Excel, etc)


That depends entirely on the program you open the file in, unless you want to start modifying file attributes or file permissions in response to double-click (which probably isn't a good idea).

You could also do it by copying the file to the temp folder and opening the copy instead of the real file, which could be automated. (That would only work if the file was standalone and didn't depend on other files in the same folder, or if all the supporting files were copied as well.)

If a program has a way to tell it to open files in read-only mode via the command line, then you can do that from Opus. But it's really up to the program what it does; Opus just passes the file path and any other arguments to the program, and the program is what opens the file.