Opening folders to specific lister

I've recently started using DO as a drive space utility. I simply created a "Drive Space" lister in which I only ever want one tab, with all local drives shown.

It works fine, except that folders I want to open in DO, from outside DO, often get opened in the "Drive Space" lister, rather than the default lister, where I would like them to be opened. Is there a way to have folders always open in a specific lister?

Settings > Set As Default Lister.

If prompted when saving, use the Disable the "Update Default Lister automatically" option checkbox. (Can also be changed via Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister.)

Thanks, but that option was already disabled, and I've saved another lister as a default.

Just now, I closed the drive space lister, and re-saved the other one as the default. Then I opened the drive space lister anew, and it's used when DO is invoked from outside, rather than the default lister.

Oh, you mean if the drive space lister is already open, and was the most recently used window, and you then launch a folder from outside of Opus?

I think that will always use the most recently used window. You could probably divert any tabs which open in that lister into another one using a script but I suspect it would be a bit fiddly to get it working right (at least if you still want to be able to open tabs in the drive space lister manually).

Yes, that's what I mean. I never want any tabs in the drive space lister, other than the primary one (which, as an aside, I have configured not to display as a tab). That lister is meant to be totally "read only."

I will look into creating a script. That's new territory for me.

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