Opening Opus

Hi Cannot seem to get Opus to come to the front off other apps when I double click on the desktop I am using Windows 8 :frowning:

Thanks In advance


Do you have any tools installed which modify how Windows behaves, e.g. window layout tools, multi-monitor tools, or anything which adds buttons to the titlebars or similar?

e.g. In the past, someone found Winsplit Revolution seemed to caused this problem.

There's also a known conflict with Display Fusion where if DF is launched at startup after dopusrt.exe then DF's hooks never call back into dopusrt.exe's hooks, breaking desktop double-click unless you disable & re-enable it.

Not that i am where of, if I click the shortcut icon it works fine, but if i double click any where on the desktop it opens behind other apps. If i click from the task bar it works fine. Have tried different settings in the Launching Opus Menu but so far no luck.

Problem solved done a reinstall with x64 version forgot I was still using x86 :blush:

The x86 installer won't normally allow you to use it on an x64 version of Windows.