Opening the viewer window sometimes fails to modify the video file name

hello i want to ask, sometimes i can change the video filename while the viewer window is open but sometimes not, when it is closed i can change the video filename but it's a bit cumbersome if it needs to switch frequently to do Now, is there any solution? thanks

It's up to the video playback components how they lock the file, and if they allow renaming of the file they are displaying. They aren't part of Opus.

We work around some third-party viewers locking files by creating temporary copies of files which we send to the viewers instead of the real ones, but that wouldn't be suitable for video files where they might be 40GB and take a very long time to create the temporary copy.

oh~ i see, thank you

I switched from Movie to ActiveX+ using the plug-in and I had no problems, but I see the software is Windows Media Player, but the interface is a bit ugly... :joy:

In the past two days, I found a way to circumvent it. After modifying the file name, select another file, so maybe the viewer window will also display another file, then the previous file can be modified. I think this is why there is Sometimes it can be changed and sometimes it can't. . . .:kissing_closed_eyes:

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