Openssh key for 'ftp' module

I'm using dopus for many years and appreciate it very much. I have the FTP feature and more and more ssh public-key only accounts. Unfortunately only puttys .ppk format is supported. It would be very helpful if the openssh standard key format (created with ssh-keygen) would be supported.

Thanks & Greetings

You can convert from one to the other very quickly and easily using the PuttyGen.exe tool on the Putty website. (Doesn't require any installation.)

The v2 format is the one to use with Opus at the moment, not the newer v3. Configured via "Key > Parameters for saving key files..."

Then just load the key into the tool and save it back out again.

Hi Leo,
thanks for the quick answer. I have already done this in this way in the past. It works, but it is an additional step for every machine (I have a lot). A native solution would be better.
I was using putty for many years, but because of this special .ppk now I'm using another ssh program (termius).