Opera 12 - Forum misbehaving / update recently?

Hi Leo, Jon, Members.. o)

Has there been a forum update recently or something? Using the forum with Opera v12 is a pita all of a sudden. Dropdowns don't dropdown, textareas don't resize, text-cursor is scrolling out of view, scrollbars missing and more.

The discourse plattform used to work quite good with the oldschool Opera v12 browser, but maybe it's the graphics card update I did.. hum? Well, probably not. o)

Thanks! o)

The forum gets updates quite often but I don't know if or why it might cause Opera to slow down, especially with Opera being based on Chromium these days. Chrome hasn't shown any issues here.

It night be worth looking in the Discourse forums to see if anyone else is talking about the same thing. If not, I'd look at browser extensions and things like that as a possibility.

Oh it's not slow, it's as fast as can be, the interface just acts crazy and unpredictable. I'm talking about Opera v12, that's the last version before they broke it and started from scratch with Opera v15 and up. So this is not the Blink-Engine being used as in Chrome/Chromium/new Opera.

I had some hopes this forum would stay usable with Opera v12, since I still use it to read mails and news and visit links from DO notification mails. Quite odd, since I cannot see things on most websites which would explain why Opera v12 wouldn't show them correctly. No videos here either, no 3D, no VR or any other highly sophisticated stuff which would require the latest tech. All just text, some scripting and DIVs, just what a website is supposed to be build of?

Anyway, thank you! o)

I found this thread from three years ago when Opera 12 was more recently made obsolete, but I don't know if it still stands today:


Thanks, very kind. I searched as well, not much to find regarding Discourse and Opera12. Maybe it's a temporary glitch. The textarea I'm typing this into e.g., it is merely 2 lines high.. while there is 5cm unused margin right below. This is new here, wasn't like that before. Well, maybe I should be happy I can enter text at all using Opera12 in 2017! o)

Can't really let go the multi-column vertical tabs feature in Opera12. I use Vivaldi for heavy web-work these days, it has vertical tabs at least (in a single column). Right now Vivaldi has 200 opened tabs, which requires 3 Windows, scrolling the tabs-scrollbars and ongoing switching between these 3 windows. Opera12 did it all in one window. Once the actual rendering area for the websites got to small - because of 4-5 vertical columns of tabs - I knew it was time to close some. o)

Thanks! o)

You can't resize the text area by dragging the split between it and the main page? Or you can but just get empty space? I wonder if it's treating Opera 12 as a mobile browser or something.

I think they have been working on the text editor recently so it could be due to a recent change, and might be fixed in a later change. Or not... They may not be aware.

If you see the same thing on the main Discourse site, it might be worth reporting to them, although there's no guarantee they will still want to support an old browser. (Unless it's still important on Linux or something, which the old thread suggested was the case back then at least.)

If it's not the same on the main Discourse site, I'd wait to see if an update here fixes things again, or an update there breaks things later on in the same way. (I'm not sure how frequently their forum updates, although I'd guess it keeps more up to date than we do, and we update every few weeks, unless there's a reason to grab one more frequently.)