Option for "Regular" context menus

Please consider an option that would allow the normal Windows XP context menus to work (i.e., no custom menu system), so that a context menu enhancement program like HACE's Mmmm+ can work with DO.

John Land

We do allow normal Windows context menus to work. My understanding is that this product wants to modify the Opus menus. This is possible and external programs can never do since Opus is providing the custom menus that the user has selected and wants - under full user control. However, if such extensions modify the normal Windows context menus in the normal manner then there should be no issue here.

Greg --

I can't debate the technical details. I do know that HACE contacted the DO developers and was given information that indicated that Mmm+ would not be able to work with DO because of something DO does (or doesn't do). While this could just be fingerpointing, Mmm+ does work with the following products or features, which is evidence that DO is doing something non-standard (I've tested the asterisked ones and can confirm that Mmm+ works fine with them):

Internet Explorer*
Outlook Express
Avant Browser
Maxthon Browser*
Total Commander
Xplorer2 Lite
Explorer Plus*
Magellan Explorer
Universal Explorer
AB Commander
Windows explorer*
Folder background*
Drag&Drop menu*
All Save/Open dialogs*

Also, DO doesn't provide the vastly simpler ease of use in organizing context menus that Mmm+ does; try Mmm+ and you'll better understand the difference. I'm just suggesting that there be a mode in DO where a program like Mmm+ can work (I'd be just as happy if DO allowed near universal context menu control like Mmm+ -- I've purchased both programs, but I don't really care who provides the functionality).

John Land

I'm curious if any of the various competing explorer alternatives which ARE supported by Mmm+ offer the same sort of native context menu customization features that Opus does... I'm guessing alot of the problem is that Dopus is doing actually doing something similar to Mmm in order to hook and render the context menu... and is just getting to it "before" Mmm?

It's too bad, the HACE application does indeed have a nifty interface and seems very easy to use, and if the paid PLUS version allows control over the folder tree and other parts of the UI, then that fills some gaps that I've often wished Dopus was able to fill. The context menu's configured under Mmm also seem a bit faster than those used by Opus. Question for anyone who knows... does the PLUS version allow you to create and move 'separators' in the menus? I might pay the $10.00 just to fill in the gaps left by Opus :slight_smile:.

I have the latest Mmm+ 2.0 app from HACE. It does not allow adding/changing of separators, but does work in the folder tree of the file managers that it is compatible with.

BTW, the $9 price is an "as is, no upgrades" price. It costs more for a 1 year or perpetual license.

John Land

Hmm... I don't really see Opus offering the 'same' functionality as Mmm+ though. I doubt GPSoft would want to make Opus start being able to go in and tinker with 'other' applications menu's the way Mmm+ claims to be able to. But I wonder... all the work GPSoft has done to enhance context menu handling notwithstanding, would there be a possibility to provide an option to bind a key combination to the right click event that would completely disable Dopus context menu handling for people who would like to use something like Mmm+? You wouldn't be able to then make use of any specialized Dopus context menu commands, so it would be an 'all or nothing/one or the other' sort of option... and this would be different from the existing Right-Click to override the disabling of Windows context items - which when used simply shows BOTH the full Windows AND Dopus context menu items. It would also be different from the redent windowsonly switch added to the CONTEXTOPTIONS argument... it would have to fully disable Dopus menu handling?

On that note, one general enhancement I would like to see to Dopus context menu handling is an 'alternate' menu capability using the sort of configurable key combo's mentioned above... I have Windows context items disabled, and use a pure Dopus menu exclusively, along with the newly added 'sub-menu' feature - which I LOVE by the way. But even with the sub-menu's I'd really appreciate the ability to bind an alternate menu to <ALT|SHIFT|CTRL>Right-Click combinations... For instance, perhaps the 'Events' tab of the filetype editor could be extended to expose rclk/rclkalt/rclkctrl/rclkshift events with extensions made to the FileType CONTEXTMENU command so that we could call it as an 'Events' action to do something like:

(normal menu shown per default settings and the existing Context Menu tab of the filetype editor)
(where user1 could be the name of a sub-menu defined on the existing Context Menu tab, but with a new sort of 'enable as alternate top level menu' option flagged)
(same as above for user2)
rclkshift->FileType CONTEXTMENU CONTEXTOPTIONS=windowsonly\disableopus
(for the purposes of this topic, windowsonly doesn't quite do the trick as Opus is still handling the extension? so some other additional option to completely disable opus menu handling to open the door for something like Mmm+?)

Would anyone else even use such a thing other than me :slight_smile:?