Option to hide FTP status popups

I'd really like an option to hide the FTP status popups.

I tend to work with three main windows open - a dual-pane lister of my development directory and a remote FTP host, Dreamweaver with a file or twenty, and Firefox with my application loaded. As I modify files in DW I jump over to DOpus to copy the file to the FTP server, then jump to Firefox to view the changes.

More often than not the files are not finished uploading and the display updated by the time I get to Firefox, so when I hit refresh and typically start typing something I get a popup from DOpus informing me that its reloading the FTP directory or something. The problem here is that the status window has one button, cancel, which is also selected by default, so when I'm typing away if I type either the spacebar or return/enter the popup cancels, kicking my FTP session offline.

Would it be possible to add an option, to either the per-site FTP controls or to the master configuration system, that would change the status windows to use the status bar instead of popping up status windows for every small thing?


Oh, and Happy Holidays everyone! :slight_smile:


Try setting the FTP Site Preferences (Or defaults) for Display - and turn all off.