Option to print a PDF from THE viewer pane

Is it possible to print a PDF directly from the viewer pane? The options I currently get are to go to the first or previous page, rotate clockwise, and rotate counterclockwise.

It's up to whichever PDF viewer you are using. Some of them have print options, but maybe not all.

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Do you happen to know one that does have that option?

I think Adobe Reader does but it's been a long time since I used it or had it installed.

I have Adobe Acrobat as my default PDF viewing program and don't get the option. Maybe it's an option I have to enable somewhere which may take this beyond the scope of DOPUS.

I think it's specifically the Adobe Reader that handles it. It's strange, but Adobe wants those of us that use Acrobat to also have Reader installed. Silly Adobe people.

Unless it's changed in the last few years. Acrobat doesn't include a PDF viewer at all, just a tool for editing PDFs. Reader is the viewer.

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