Option to process but do not copy/move symlinked files and folders?


Please, can you add an option to process (navigate manually, use find or find duplicates, etc) but do not copy/move symlinked data to the target folder if this operation was triggered manually (drag and drop or copy/paste or via DOpus buttons) i.e. do not re-create files and folders that are symlinked?

I mean what is the point of this operation anyways? Symlinks are here for a reason (low disk space or just an availability workaround), if i want to duplicate something i can do this manually...

For example here is how it is implemented in Beyond Compare 4 (file/folder comparison and syncing tool)
Clipboard Image

So with this option Beyond Compare 4 can see Symlinks as links and do not touch them.

Some kind of option and/or Copy command argument is a good idea. We've added similar (both) for folder size calculation based on user requests.

It's so you can create a full copy of things, which may be going to another machine/person or may be intended as a backup of the full set of data (which may just have been split between two physical drives because one ran out of space, but might all fit on the destination backup drive).

There's no way to know why a symlink exists or whether the user wants to copy it, skip it, recreate it (which then leads to the question of how to recreate it, which itself has several answers and complexities). The reason and answer may be different each time, even for the same user and symlink.

Another reason is that it's unusual to copy folders that contain symlinks at all, as they're usually operating system things that you wouldn't copy between machines.


Funny thing is that why i am here with this proposal. Last night i finally backed up my 5 years old 2TB HDD and 3 SSDs on my new shiny reserve HDD only to notice that DOpus has copied all my symlinked folders twice! And that was kind of overkill. :upside_down_face:

Later i might try to buy something like Syncovery, but right now i am stuck with DOpus and Beyond Compare (which is really clunky when working with large files), and noticed this inconvenience...

I guess you could use File Explorer which seems not to copy the files pointed to by a junction when the junction is copied.